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Blog By: Tim Fair - Worship Leader @ Keystone Fellowship Church, Skippack PA

A few weeks ago in our college worship service, God revealed something to me that left me challenged and inspired. 

During the opening song, the power to the sound board just suddenly cut out.  The sound guys tried everything to get the sound back on as fast as they could, but it took some time to recall everything.  

Now, I think everyone would agree that it is pretty awkward when in the middle of a song the sound just goes dead, and the band members are just standing there wondering what to do next.  Fortunately, it was right at the beginning of the service so our pastor Brady just improvised, made light of the situation and welcomed everyone. By the time he was done and had prayed for the night ahead, we had sound again and were ready for the next song.

Then, on the third song of the set, at a point that is rather climactic, it happened again. Naturally my human tendencies lead me to become rather frustrated at this point, and I couldn’t help feeling like a failure even though I had no control over what was happening, no one did. 

For the rest of the night, you could say that I was disappointed and I let the situation get to me.  I prayed for God to reveal to me why He let this happen, why He let this “ruin” our worship time, at least that was how I viewed it.

 I see now what He was trying to show us.

Its not about the music….

When the sound cut out the second time, it was at a point in the song where everyone is singing this choral melody of “woahs” followed by ” You reign, You reign in all the earth” from the song The Father’s Heart - Hillsong.   Even though the sound cut off again in the same service, the congregation kept singing, and we finished the song a cappella. 

This is what God revealed to me through this situation…..

1 Chronicles 16: 29-31

" Bring an offering and come before Him; worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness. Tremble before Him, all the earth!  The word is firmly established; it cannot be moved.  Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, ’ ” The Lord reigns!” ‘

You see there are so many things in this world that we have no control over, but one thing remains, ” the Lord reigns.”  We don’t need a sound system, guitars, drums, or any of that to worship Him, that stuff is just part of the offering that we bring when we come before Him together.  Sometimes all that we have to offer is our voices, and that is all we really need.  The Lord is not impressed with our quality of music, how good our stage looks, or flashy lights, that stuff is just all about us bringing our first fruits to the Lord through creativity.  I believe what truly impresses upon the heart of God when His people come together to worship Him is when we come wholeheartedly to "worship the Lord in the splendor of His Holiness."  I believe that sometimes we actually need the music to “fade” to really focus on Him.  

It is my prayer for our church that when we come together to sing praises to God, we do not let our worship be defined by the music, but rather define our worship by the splendor and majesty of His holiness!


~ Tim 

The Heart Of Christmas Part-2

Angles We Have Heard On High -  Chris Tomlin

Sing Joy - Carl Cartee

O Come Let is Adore Him - Passion Version

Forever Reign - Hillsong

The Father’s Heart - Hillsong

Keystone Fellowship Church @ Skippack

I have heard a lot of talk about why in today’s culture of worship we tend to sound like everything else that we hear on the radio — as in, a “rock style.” This is a great topic and something that I believe should be explained to the church by all worship leaders and song writers.

Our worship ministry exists to lead our church into the presence of God, and glorify Him, as well as continue to connect with the culture around us and seek to bridge the gap between the music we listen to and enjoy outside the church and the music we worship to and play inside the church, for the purpose of engaging the congregation as well as drawing them to Jesus!    

You may say, well isn’t this just conforming to the ways of the world?

Jesus met people where they were……

(Mark 4:11)" The secret of the kingdom of God had been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, 

"  ’  they might be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might they might turn and be forgiven! ’  " -Jesus

What I am hoping that you take from this is that Jesus went out and met people where they were, and explained the gospel to them in a way that they could understand and connect with. We don’t worship with the “harp” and “lyre” , instead we use an electric and bass guitar because this is what our generation today connects with, and there is nothing wrong with that….

There are dangers with creating a new sound, so we must strive to remember that what we are doing is not about performance, or to bring glory to anyone else but Jesus. Worship is meant to help others experience and get closer to God, and that should be accessible to all. 

As one pastor, Mike Pilavachi points out,

" We don’t worship the worship, we don’t worship the creativity, we continue to worship the risen Jesus. Creativity in music and worship is about using everything we have to tell Jesus how great He is! (taken from Mike Pilavachi, ‘Audience of One’ pub. Regal Books 2005).



This song is so powerful! Listen, watch, and be encouraged…

The Heart Of Christmas Week-1

All Creation Sing ( Joy To The World) - Northpoint Christmas

Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is - Passion

Hosanna - Hillsong

The Father’s Heart - Hillsong

Amazing Grace ( My Chains Are Gone) -  Chris Tomlin

So God has really been putting it on my heart for sometime now to start a blog that will help me to connect with, and minister to the Church outside of Sunday mornings. As a worship leader, my interaction with the Church body is often limited to a few words in between songs on Sunday. I really want to start sharing the passion that God has given me for worship on a deeper level! If you go to the “About” page, you can read a little bit about my heart for this blog and what I am looking to put into it. I will posting set lists from prior Sundays, so you can look up the songs, music that I am currently listening and worshiping through, the heart behind what we do on Sunday mornings, worship devotions, videos, church media, and more… So stay tuned!!